About Lockhart Coastal Contractors


Every company has something- or some things- that makes it unique. At Lockhart Coastal Contractors, we are set apart from other residential and commercial remodeling companies by our core values, high expectations for ourselves, and our deep background in the world of construction.

Our Core Values

Lockhart Coastal Contractors was founded on a few core values that drive us to provide the best product- and the best service- possible.




Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In our eyes, integrity comes down to doing the right thing when nobody is looking.



Diligence is putting forth a steady, earnest, and energetic effort, devoted to accomplishing any undertaking we take on. At Lockhart Coastal Contractors, we believe diligence is a key ingredient in completing projects on time and on budget.



Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. We believe excellence is the reward for having a true love for what we do, and by applying good morals and ethics to our work and relationships.

Meet Our Owner

Our Owner/Operator, Larry Lockhart, was born to build.

Larry Lockhart comes from a family of honest and hardworking tradesmen. He has been involved in the construction industry in some form or another, for as long as he can remember. His father and four uncles all worked in various aspects of construction through family owned and operated businesses. When they first introduced him to the industry at a young age, he realized that it was his calling.

After working in the business throughout his teens, he realized that although he was good at what he did, he wanted to further his knowledge in the world of construction and become a true expert. Larry pursued his education at one of, if not the most prestigious trade schools in the country, at Williamson College of the Trades. While attending Williamson, he won the Junior Academic Achievement Award, and was a Dean’s List Recipient every semester he was there. Larry majored in Construction Technology – Carpentry Emphasis and upon graduation he received his degree in Specialized Technology. After graduation Larry entered the construction profession once again and found a home.

Through the years, Larry worked a variety of construction-related jobs, including carpenter and superintendent positions, but he always knew that he wanted to run his own company. He learned a great deal from each job he worked, and he wanted to put all that knowledge together to form a company that was truly his own. And thus, Lockhart Coastal Contractors was born.

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Larry did a great job on custom built-ins and trim throughout my home. He finished quickly and did a great job of cleaning up each day!